Digital - AccuStar Fluid Level Sensor (MSI)
Liquid Level Transducers
Applications: Truck, Automotive, Marine, and Off-Highway Vehicles Engines, Transmissions, Industrial Speed Reducers, Hydraulic Reservoirs, Air Compressors, Turbine Engines, Generators
Industries: Engine and Vehicle
Description: Engineering Principle Major components of the AccuStar Fluid Level Sensor are the housing, float, springs, a samarium cobalt magnet, and the Hall Effect sensor. The springs attach the float to the outside housing through three helical leaves. The spring rate of the helical springs is relatively low in an axial direction. However, they are very stiff in a radial direction. This prevents the float from making contact with the outside housing. Another unique feature of the design is the capability to calibrate the sensor to best meet the operating parameters of each application. Calibrations include trimming the strength of the magnet to provide the correct output for the specific fluid level conditions being measured. With the addition of selected resistors on the printed circuit board we are also able to calibrate for mechanical tolerances, buoyancy of the float, and tolerances associated with the Hall Effect device. Gain and null adjusts on the chip itself enable us to further trim and customize the sensor to your application.
• Electronic Device Provides a Definitive Indication of Fluid Level
• Accurately Measures Fluid Levels Under Static and Dynamic Conditions
• Measures Fluid Density, Therefore, Fluid May Be Either Hot or Cold. Eliminates the Need for Temperature Compensation in Order to Get an Accurate Level Reading
• Will operate at temperatures of 150°C (302°F)
• Replaces Less Capable Thermistors and Reed Switches
• Patented Design. Simple, Rugged, and Reliable!
• Cost Effective. Can Save Thousands In Premature Repair Costs Resulting From Operating at Low Oil Levels.
• Easily Customized to Fit into a Wide Range of Application Possibilities


게시물 811건
소형액 응답 가속도계 ARK-A 1000m/s 2~2000m/s 2
소형액 응답 3축 가속도계 ARJ-A-T
50m/s 2~2000m/s 2
소형액 응답 2축 가속도계 ARJ-A-D(수주 생산품)50m/s 2~2000m/s 2
소형액 응답 가속도계 ARJ-A 50m/s 2~2000m/s 2
소형 고용량 3축 가속도계 ARE-A-T
1000m/s 2~5000m/s 2
소형 고용량 가속도계 ARE-A 1000m/s 2~10000m/s 2
방수형 저용량 가속도계 ARH-A 10m/s 2~500m/s 2
소형 저용량 3축 가속도계 ARF-A-T 20m/s 2~500m/s 2
소형 저용량 가속도계 ARF-A 10m/s 2~500m/s 2

소형 3축 가속도계 ARM-A-T 100m/s 2~400m/s 2

고감도 가속도계 ARS-A 10m/s 2
초소형 압력계 PDA-PB/PDB-PB 50kPa~3MPa
앰프 내장 고온 소형 압력계 PWFA-PA 2MPa~20MPa
볼트형 압력계 PWFE-PA 2MPa~20MPa
볼트형 압력계 PWFD-PB 2MPa~20MPa
플래시 다이어프램형 압력계 PWF-PB
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